About Us - Aims & Objective

1. Providing Education of child for sound learning and building good moral character.
2. Brining about all round development for child which enables him to become better citizen 
3. Building solid base by imparting physical education through games/sports to have healthy mind & healthy body.    
4. To fulfill above mentioned aims, plans all teaching/learning and school activities through modern scientific methods of education. 
5. To shape and mould child for successful career.   
6. To light the flame of knowledge. 
7. To build up power and strength in students to go ahead in the life. 
Today education sector in India has become commercialized. Parents in search of better education for their children spend their hard earned income by paying to the institutions with high building and attractive goals. Inspite of these are they able to find an institution which provides their children with opportunities to develop and showcase their hidden talents or develop good habits, moral values or their personality. 
“Education is a art through which we can communicate with students mind without any medium.”